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Why Do Some People Find Deepak Chopra Quotes Deep And Not Dung? 

Greatest name for a research paper ever? “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit” (direct link to PDF) To determine factors that might make someone susceptible to reading that Chopra tweet and finding meaning in it, Pennycook and co-authors … Continue reading

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Pandora boss urges 85% pay cut for musicians

This is just plain wrong. New legislation called The Internet Radio Fairness Act or IRFA (H.R. 6480/S. 3609) proposes a radical change in the way royalties are decided – reducing them – and Pandora CEO Tim Westergren has led the … Continue reading

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Come fly the insecure skies, a lesson in IT deployment at one of the largest US airports

C’mon, folks. A simple vulnerability assessment would have discovered this issue. In what can only be called the mother of all inept network deployments, guest access was left on this Internet-facing content management system and a file marked PUBLIC that … Continue reading

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Bad advice, c/o Michael Dell

Just saw this on Reddit; an article on CNET, circa 1997: Dell: Apple should close shop By Jai Singh Staff Writer, CNET News ORLANDO, Florida– When it comes to the state of Apple Computer, everyone has an opinion. And at … Continue reading

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WSJ – Why AT&T Killed Google Voice

I hope AT&T gets a big slap on the wrist.  And then a punch to the gut and a kick to the groin. From the Wall Street Journal: Earlier this month, Apple rejected an application for the iPhone called Google … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff Called It

Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., was right on the money when he predicted the current economic problems back in 2006. Too bad the bozos on Fox News did nothing but laugh and make fun of him. Also … Continue reading

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Thy Will be Done

“I know at the end of the day putting this in God’s hands, the right thing for America will be done, at the end of the day on Nov. 4.” – Sarah Palin Amen. Link

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Things Sarah Palin Can Name Examples: Causes of Global Warming God Polar Bears Fire Nicknames I’ve Had Sarah Barracuda Sarah Failin’ VPILF Bush in a Dress Caribou Barbie Footnote of History Pitbull with Lipstick Moose Momma Moosilini Tina Fey’s Sister Barack’s Bane Pig

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Sarah Palin Disney Trailer

An Alaskan hockey mom becomes Vice President in the wackiest family comedy of the year! Sound familiar?

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Oh, the hypocrisy

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