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New OpenPGP key

My 13 year old OpenPGP key was getting a bit long in the tooth (and vulnerable!), so I’ve decided to publish a new, stronger key. Please check out my OpenPGP page and download/import my new key. If you have no … Continue reading

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Schneier – How to remain secure against NSA surveillance

How to remain secure against NSA surveillance | Bruce Schneier | World news | 1) Hide in the network. Implement hidden services. Use Tor to anonymize yourself. Yes, the NSA targets Tor users, but it’s work for them. The … Continue reading

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Come fly the insecure skies, a lesson in IT deployment at one of the largest US airports

C’mon, folks. A simple vulnerability assessment would have discovered this issue. In what can only be called the mother of all inept network deployments, guest access was left on this Internet-facing content management system and a file marked PUBLIC that … Continue reading

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