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Quotes from my son, Pete

My (now 16 year old) son Pete has a knack for coming up with very funny quotes. I present to you a list of my favorites, in order from Age 10 to Age 16. (At age 10) “I’m slowly losing my … Continue reading

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Listening to every song in my iTunes library

Just got a great idea via my pal Scott MacDonald – I’m going to listen to all 24,935 songs in my iTunes library…in order. I’m a bit of a music collector, and after 40+ years of collecting albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, … Continue reading

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I just found an old Usenet discussion (c. 1993) on alt.folklore.computers in which Eric S. Raymond and I discuss nipples. Bizarre.

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New OpenPGP key

My 13 year old OpenPGP key was getting a bit long in the tooth (and vulnerable!), so I’ve decided to publish a new, stronger key. Please check out my OpenPGP page and download/import my new key. If you have no … Continue reading

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Happy 20th Birthday WWW (and a personal web story)

In honor of the 20th birthday of the World Wide Web, CERN has restored the first website. On a personal note, I had developed my first website way back in 1994. The site was known as Interactive Nest Egg and … Continue reading

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Too true

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I’ve moved from Facebook to Google+. My profile is accessible via Leave a comment on this post if you need an invite.

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2011 JP Morgan Corporate Challenge – Boston

I ran the Corporate Challenge here in Boston yesterday. Did fairly well – less than 34 minutes for the 3.5 mile race. Next year I want to get it down under 30 minutes.

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I’ve been spending more time on Facebook than I have on my own web site. Come visit me at

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Another Windows User Bites the Dust

…or, “My Mac Conversion” Background As I had posted previously, my good friend Bob gave me his old Apple Powerbook G4 12″ back in January. I had wanted a Mac for years, but was a dedicated Windows user (I also … Continue reading

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