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RIP Sir Terry Pratchett

One of my favorite authors, Sir Terry Pratchett, died today at age 66 from complications due to Alzheimer’s Disease. His death was announced (beautifully) with appropriate humor on Twitter. For those of you who haven’t read the 40+ Discworld books, … Continue reading

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The Infinite Jukebox

A brilliant music hack using the equally brilliant Echo Nest API: What is this? For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough. This web app lets you upload a favorite MP3 and will then generate a never-ending and ever … Continue reading

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Wolfram Language – one of the coolest demos I’ve ever seen

I’ve been a big fan of WolframAlpha for several years now.  The sheer amount of data in the system, as well as the functions that can be applied to the data, is staggering. Well, Stephen Wolfram and his team have … Continue reading

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45 States That Allow Underage (under 21) Alcohol Consumption

Go figure – it’s legal for minors to drink with parental consent in Massachusetts.  

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Steve Albini’s letter to Nirvana on producing In Utero

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Yuni: A Headphone for People With Single-Sided Hearing Loss

This is a brilliant idea if it actually works. Our team is proud to present the Yuni — the first headphone offering true stereo sound for individuals with unilateral deafness or hearing impairment! Since most headphone manufacturers ignore the needs … Continue reading

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Making Mount Rushmore, 1935-1941

Excellent photo archive from National Geographic. Picture Archive: Making Mount Rushmore, 1935-1941

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Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? Here’s a Tool to Help You Find Out

Ever wonder if the news story you’re reading is a product of real journalism or just a spin off of another story posted elsewhere? Discover the journalism you can trust and what you should question. Is It Journalism, or Just … Continue reading

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NASA discovers three new Earth-like planets

A very exciting discovery by NASA: Scientists announced Thursday the discovery of three planets that are some of the best candidates so far for habitable worlds outside our own solar system — and they’re very far away. NASA’s Kepler satellite, … Continue reading

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Today I Learned – I have better chances of being the President of the US than winning Mega Millions

1 in 10,000,000 vs 1 in 135,145,920

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