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Threes JS

The addicting smartphone game Threes, but in your browser.

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Pokédex on Wolfram Alpha

This makes the greatest online reference even better. The full Pokédex is available for your data mining needs. To access it via Siri on iOS7, simply ask “Search Wolfram for Snorelax” (or whatever Pokémon you care about). My (now teenage) … Continue reading

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The New Yorker on Minecraft’s creator, Notch

  Since the game’s release, in 2009, Minecraft has sold in excess of twenty million copies, earned armfuls of prestigious awards, and secured merchandising deals with LEGO and other toymakers. Last year, Persson earned over a hundred million dollars from the game and its merchandise. … Continue reading

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The Cubicle with a Hidden Gaming System

What an excellent idea. 🙂 The Cubicle with a Hidden Gaming System: Lifehacker reader JonesyVan’s workspace looks like your typical cubicle. Hidden in the filing cabinet, however, is some serious entertainment for break times (i.e., “when Bossman decides to exit … Continue reading

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Xbox Live – error code 80048821

Last night, when logging into Xbox Live, it wouldn’t let me log in and ultimately gave me “code 80048821”.   The full text of the error was: “Sorry, either that’s the wrong password, or the email you entered doesn’t have … Continue reading

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