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Starbuck and Starbuck in Starbucks

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Hate-driven Development

Quote of the day, c/o Jamie Zawinski: “These days, almost all of my software is written out of anger. I used to program for fun, and then for convenience. Now, it’s motivated almost exclusively by rage.” via Hatefuck hacking | … Continue reading

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The Shakespeare Programming Language

This is possibly the greatest programming language ever invented; the Shakespeare Programming Language (SPL). The following program reverses the characters in a given string: Othello, a stacky man. Lady Macbeth, who pushes him around till he pops. Act I: The one … Continue reading

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The Big Move to Massachusetts

[Original author unknown – kjj] THE BIG MOVE TO MASSACHUSETTS August 15 – Moved to our new home in Massachusetts . It’s so beautiful here. The lake to the north looks so majestic. I can hardly wait to see it … Continue reading

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Cathode – realistic terminal emulator for OS X

Very nice terminal emulator that realistically renders the whole terminal – reflection, high phosphor burn in, jitter, and interlacing. Reminds me of the computer lab at Canisius back in 1984.

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From sex to phones to Star Wars…

…what would older Redditors like to let the young whipper-snappers know about the past? Great thread on Reddit – especially amusing for anyone older than 40. It’s amazing how much things have changed since the 70s/80s, and how much we … Continue reading

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The Blues

c/o Mark Ohlund If you are new to Blues music, or like it but never really understood the why/wherefore, here are some very fundamental rules: 1. Most Blues begin with: “Woke up this morning…” 2. “I got a good woman” … Continue reading

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Programmer Joke of the Day

A woman asks her husband, a programmer, to go shopping. Wife: “Dear, please, go to the nearby grocery store to buy some bread. Also, if they have eggs, buy 6.” Husband: “O.K., hun.” Twenty minutes later the husband comes back … Continue reading

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A loophole has been discovered

Cyanide & Happiness @

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Emoticons in Unicode 6.0

I don’t know why I’m excited about this, but I am. Unicode 6.0 now contains emoticons. Here’s the list –

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