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It’s A Bad Brains Christmas, Charlie Brown 

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Listening to every song in my iTunes library

Just got a great idea via my pal Scott MacDonald – I’m going to listen to all 24,935 songs in my iTunes library…in order.

I’m a bit of a music collector, and after 40+ years of collecting albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs and MP3s, I’ve amassed a fairly large collection. At one point I had well over 40,000 songs in my iTunes library, but thanks to iTunes Match‘s 25,000 song limit, I’ve pruned it down quite a bit. I know for a fact that I haven’t listened to many of the songs, and they are still present due to packratitis and good intentions of “I’ll listen to them some day“. I’ll hopefully be able to delete many of these once and for all. Another thing I plan to do is rate all albums, and if I have the energy, most of the songs too.

To help keep track of progress, I plan to to update a page here on my website.

Here we go. Starting on 2014-10-22 at 8:45 AM EDT with A-Ha’s 1985 album, Hunting High and Low.

UPDATE 2014-12-05: 748 songs so far and still in the B’s. Finishing up Adrian Belew today.

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I just found an old Usenet discussion (c. 1993) on alt.folklore.computers in which Eric S. Raymond and I discuss nipples. Bizarre.

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Game of Thrones theme (80s version)

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We need to talk about Kevins

Now this is just sad. From the (fantastic) British TV show QI:

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Tales from the Far Side (1994)

Just found this on the Internet Archive:

Finally, I’m able to share this gem with everyone! :) This was the first time anyone had seen The Far Side other than in book form and it aired on CBS on October 31, 1994. This is the first, and possibly only?, airing.

When I heard that it was available on VHS though the BBC, I was so excited! I bought it and mailed it to a friend who had it converted from PAL to NTSC for me. I was over the moon about the included Part II (which never aired in North America and I didn’t know existed)…but disappointed in Part I. Gary Larson tinkered with it for the video release (just like he tinkered with many old comics in The Complete Far Side…*sigh*) and I strongly disagreed with just about every change. To me, it totally ruined the mood! He even watered down the ending! (the ‘dead ranch’ sequence with added narration bugs me most, though) The later DVD version is, unsurprisingly, the same as the VHS. (reminds me of Star Wars OT vs. SE)

Needless to say, I’m SO glad my tape survived all these years! Quality is decent considering it’s sourced from an 18-year-old tape that my mother bought. Haha. I’m so glad I taped it in SP mode.

More info on the specials, including the changes made, here:

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Never forget!

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ClarusX is a system utility that allows you to change the Mac OS X Mavericks page setup and print dialog icons (aka “boring guy”) to various dogcattle.


Long live Clarus.  Moof!



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My thoughts exactly

Redditor furyasd‘s thoughts after lifting for the first time in a year:


I had similar thoughts last week when I started up again.

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Late for Meeting

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