Update – 20140130

I’m going nowhere fast. After a month of trying to be good, I’m up 0.2 lbs as of this AM.

Here’s the good and the bad:


  • Gym – I’ve stepped up the exercise in the past week or two. I’m lifting 3x/week, and the boys have been going with me (which helps motivate me to go after a long day at work). I have also started doing spin class 2-3x/week, which kicks my ass.

  • Lunches – mostly lean chicken breast which I bring in from home, along with avocado or green veggies. If I do buy lunch, it’s high protein/fat and low carb.


  • Not tracking diet – it has been 9 days since I last updated MFP, and I know I’ve been going over my limits. I just don’t know by how much. Tracking calories and macros makes you much more aware of how much you’re eating/drinking, as well as the contents of the food.

  • Alcohol – the plan was to not drink M-Th, and I haven’t been sticking to the plan. It may only be a drink or two (or three), but my body processes the alcohol before the fat, which is not good.

  • Snacking – I’ve been snacking too often, and even worse, I’ve been reaching for the carbs. M&Ms at work, popcorn at home. Not the end of the world, but it’s not helping.

  • Dinners – my wife is a great cook, and I’ve been eating what she makes for dinner. Problem is it’s not always what I should be eating. This goes along with tracking – I need to ensure that I’m eating the “correct” number of calories, and that it fits my macros.

Time to correct!

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Kevin Jarnot is a technologist who lives just South of Boston, MA. He is currently employed as Chief Technology Officer at Micronotes, an AI-driven conversation-marketing company based in Boston, MA.
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