Restore “Bounce Message” functionality to OS X Lion

For some reason, Apple decided to remove the ability to bounce email messages from the OS X Lion version of UI. They did, however, leave the API exposed, and it can be called via AppleScript.

Instructions on how to create an Automator service that can execute the AppleScript (copied here just in case):

1. Open Automator.
2. Create a new service.
3. Configure the service so that it has “no input” in “Mail”
4. Drag “Get Selected Mail Messages” into the workflow
5. Drag “Run Applescript” into the workflow
6. Use the following AppleScript, then save the workflow with a name like “Bounce Message”.

on run {input, parameters}
   tell application "Mail"
      repeat with eachMessage in input
         bounce eachMessage
      end repeat
   end tell
end run

7. In Mail, select the message you would like to bounce. Then from the “Mail” menu, choose “Services”, then click on your new service. The message will bounce.

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