Last “new-book” bookstore remaining in downtown Boston to close

Wow, I never thought I’d see this day. The Borders bookstore on Washington Street here in Boston is closing, or has possibly already closed.

While I buy 90% of my books though Amazon, and have for over 13 years, there’s still something special about wandering around a real-world bookstore, browsing book covers to find something that you would not have found via a website.  In the past, I would spend hours in Waterstone’s (the greatest bookstore ever) off Newbury Street, but it closed years ago.  I have recently been relying upon Borders for my browsing.

To quote the Wikipedia page for Newbury Street:

Once famous for a wealth of bookstores, Boston, like its neighbor Cambridge, has suffered a steady decline in the number and quality of independent booksellers. The beloved 150,000-volume Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop on Newbury Street, one of the last holdouts, closed in 2002. (It did, however, outlast the comparably short-lived Waterstone’s, the British chain whose giant, well-regarded store just off Newbury Street was a source of pressure on the independents. When Waterstone’s closed, a Boston Globe staffer opined that “the Athens of America feels a bit more like Elmira.”) Today, the youthful Trident Booksellers and Café on Newbury Street is amongst a small band of independent bookstores still remaining in Boston.


Borders Books at Downtown Crossing is closing | Universal Hub.

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  1. einst says:

    The Borders has closed here in CT as well and its sad. Only the Barnes and Noble remain. I do love browsing books. I’m a programmer and the computer section always keeps getting smaller. So does the Science section. Seems Technology is the last to get built up and the first to go. Fantasy, vampires, music, and fluffy drinks sells today. Seems like it mirrors the state of our union. Garbage in …

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