Last “new-book” bookstore remaining in downtown Boston to close

Wow, I never thought I’d see this day. The Borders bookstore on Washington Street here in Boston is closing, or has possibly already closed.

While I buy 90% of my books though Amazon, and have for over 13 years, there’s still something special about wandering around a real-world bookstore, browsing book covers to find something that you would not have found via a website.  In the past, I would spend hours in Waterstone’s (the greatest bookstore ever) off Newbury Street, but it closed years ago.  I have recently been relying upon Borders for my browsing.

To quote the Wikipedia page for Newbury Street:

Once famous for a wealth of bookstores, Boston, like its neighbor Cambridge, has suffered a steady decline in the number and quality of independent booksellers. The beloved 150,000-volume Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop on Newbury Street, one of the last holdouts, closed in 2002. (It did, however, outlast the comparably short-lived Waterstone’s, the British chain whose giant, well-regarded store just off Newbury Street was a source of pressure on the independents. When Waterstone’s closed, a Boston Globe staffer opined that “the Athens of America feels a bit more like Elmira.”) Today, the youthful Trident Booksellers and Café on Newbury Street is amongst a small band of independent bookstores still remaining in Boston.


Borders Books at Downtown Crossing is closing | Universal Hub.

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