Replacement ear cushions for Sony MDR-NC5 headphones

Back in 2000, while on a business trip to Singapore, I picked up a pair of Sony MDR-NC5 noise canceling headphones. I loved them so much that I bought a second pair a year later. Now it’s 9 years later and the ear pads are disintegrating, leaving black powder everywhere when I listen to music. Time to replace the cushions. Simple, right? Wrong. Sony’s web site doesn’t even list them any longer, and when they did, they were charging $15.00 each – for a stupid piece of foam rubber. After several exhaustive Google searches, I came up with nothing (except for many other people looking for the same ear cushions). No one is selling OEM replacements.

On a whim I decided to check out generic replacements. At first I didn’t think this would work, as the original ear cushions are not a standard shape. They’re ovals, 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. Hell, foam stretches, right? So 2 1/2″ circular replacement covers should work if I stretch them across the headphone speaker. I ordered EP-5 2 1/2″ replacement ear cushions from, and they worked perfectly! Success.  Only $0.96 each!

If you have a pair of MDR-NC5 or MDR-NC6 headphones and are looking for replacement ear cushions, the search is over.

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Kevin Jarnot is a technologist who lives just South of Boston, MA. He is currently employed as Chief Technology Officer at Micronotes, an AI-driven conversation-marketing company based in Boston, MA.
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  1. Steve says:

    Thank you!

    • Steve says:

      THIS Steve also says Thank you SO MUCH!! I have the NC6’s, and they are most definitely NOT WORTH REPLACING. I feel like these were made “back in the day” when you could still find decent products out there. Thank you for the replacement ear cushion tip, you saved me a frustrating search!!!

      • Vicky says:

        Hi Steve…I also have a NC6. But I am not sure if you really meant what you typed.. “NOT WORTH REPLACING”…
        Did you finally order the EP5 ear pads? If you did was it a good fit.? I had a NC6 languishing in the drawer so would like to ‘resuscitate’it with new ear pads.

  2. Sam says:

    Wow, funny, I’ve had mine about the same amount of time and the exact same thing is happening. Thanks for doing the legwork in finding these! Hopefully they’ll work as well for me.

  3. Sergio says:

    I feel like I found the holy grail of all posts!!! Just like you said after being tired of leaving a trail of black dust, I began looking for ear cushion replacements, only to find that SONY rather you buy a new pair of fancy headphones.

    I love my Made in Japan MDR-NC5 and I wont give them up till they fall apart. This is why I just bought a 3 pair of cushion replacements for the next 30 years or so. Thank you so much for posting. May the Online Karma be with you.

  4. brad_cad says:

    Thanks for posting this. Your a life (ear) saver.

  5. GBT says:

    That was very helpful. Thanks so much.

  6. mark says:

    Thanks from downunder!!! I also bought mine in Singapore and find Sony AUS hopeless to deal with.

  7. Nick says:

    just purchased 4 of these for the same reasons. how about the inner foam circular piece that is glued on to the ear piece? On mine that foam is crumbling too. Do you have a suggestion on what to use for this problem?


  8. Bob says:

    Thanks, great job.

  9. Curly says:

    Thanks so much, I would have bought more than one set but they would probably all die at the same rate!

  10. Jim says:

    Thank you! Just got those earpads and they work great! I bought extras and will keep them sealed in a dark place so I have spares.

  11. Ira Spector says:

    You da man! Thanks.

  12. Craig Pedersen says:

    EXCELLENT!!! Thank you so much for saving me from endless black pieces of foam all over the place. My wife is also grateful!!!

  13. Kat Fud says:

    Thanks so much to you for posting this, and Google for sending me here! I so much appreciate when people post their solutions online, just just their problems.

    I have been searching for awhile as well, and came to the same conclusion. I actually have TWO of these headsets, but the pair I use at work is crumbling to pieces.
    I’m so happy I don’t have to buy a new set! I really prefer these for my MDR-NC5.

    I also bought a few extras. I just hope these new pads last as long as the originals.

  14. Brian says:

    Many thanks for this! My MDR-NC5’s travel with me every day in my rucksack and make train journeys much more bearable, but like others, I’ve found the ear pads starting to disintegrate. I’ve just ordered 6 replacement ear cushions for delivery to the UK, and happily airmail shipping is still $4.95.

  15. Will says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t think I was going to find a replacement ear pads since my headsets were so old! I thought I was going to need to buy a new pair all together since it just didnt feel right without the ear pads! First google result page too!

  16. Fred says:

    What a great find! I too would be interested in a solution to the deteriorating foam beneath the ear pads. But in the meantime, I’m delighted to have found a source for new ear pads.

  17. Doug says:

    Sweet! I looked last year for replacments but could not find anything fom Sony or anywhere. My puppy chewed one ear and made some holes last year which I had to tape to keep together. Well its cold weather time so I broke out the big headphones and decided to try another search and awesome this is totally amazing. Thank you for your article.

  18. Kevin Hylen says:

    Awesome, I love my headphones and was so disappointed that sony doesnt make the replacement pads. Thanks for sharing this.

  19. NS says:

    Thank you. You saved my day!

  20. Stephen Bellingham says:

    Great info. Just ordered replacement cushions for my MDR-NC5. Thanks for sharing.

  21. james clelland says:

    Excellent idea! I ordered them and they work brilliantly………

  22. Clement Mok says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated!

  23. Karl says:

    Was getting ready to start making my own! Thanks for the doing the tedious task of locating this. Much appreciated.

  24. Robert Shapiro says:

    Thank’s for the tip. I have 2 sets of headphones and my pads started to disintegrating all of a suddon also. SONY wants $8.99 per pad (not per pair) + shipping. Not only is that outragous but they only had 3 available (not 4).

  25. Nick says:

    Thanks still a helpful post.

  26. Dave Cole says:

    Oh, you hero! I’ve been looking for them for ages.

  27. Lowry says:

    Great..Great…Great!!! Finally found a solution.

  28. Avi says:

    Almost the same story… bought mine on a business trip to Singapore in 1988, eight years later the pads started to disintegrate (…hey, what’s that black stuff on my face?).
    Just ordered the replacement pads that you were gracious enough to try for all of us. I love it when old stuff works again!!

  29. Phyllis says:

    I was in need of foam replacement covers for my Sony cordless headset for my TV. I went to the Sony website and could not find the replacements.

    I also went to an authorized Sony dealer who had no idea where they sold the replacements.

    I went back to the Sony website and emailed them a long letter about how they should train there staff on where to find replacement parts for there merchandise when they do not carry these.

    Thank you for all your comments on this and I ordered replacements through Headset replacement and they fit.

    I told Sony in my letter to read these comments as all you people are customers who had the same problems.

  30. Allen says:

    First, Thank you for posting this! I was just about to click Submit on the Sony website for 2 replacements at $14.95 each + 6.95 shipping (allowed only to the US) for $36.85. Knowing I will have to do it again in a year or so.
    Now that I found your post, I have ordered 6 from for $10.71 TOTAL. I’ll just get some foam and make my own inner pads. Thank you again!

  31. tom t says:

    best post ever thanks

  32. ljones says:

    Awesome, thanks dude.

  33. Chris C. says:

    First hit in Google:

    Order placed. Thanks for writing this up!

  34. Paul McG says:

    Isn’t the Internet great !!
    – thanks for the work Kevin
    Replacement cushions (+ spare set) on the way to Australia

  35. JP says:

    Thank you.

  36. Ed Dobersek says:

    Thanks Man! I had the same problem. Bought mine in Malaysia about the same time and they recently seemed to melt off the phones. I did find them at Sony (Part number 497978501). They soaked me $12 bucks so I thought that I was getting a pair. When I recieved the order I found only 1 piece! I complained but you know how that goes. When I tried to re-order they wanted $4 bucks more! Then I found your post… just place an order for the second one… Good Job bud.. thanks again… Ed

  37. Bruce C. says:

    Thank you so much for this post… As many others have said, you’ve saved us the online legwork — and a good bit of cash. Placed my order this morning. Like many, we love these headphones and couldn’t fathom losing use of them – but couldn’t stand the black foam all over my kids’ ears! Thanks again!

  38. KB says:

    Thank you for the info. Saved alot of time.

  39. Richard Dodd says:

    That was a great lead. Wish there were more guys like you on the web. Thanks.

  40. says:

    Thanks for the post. Ordering 5 pairs just in case the site goes down or something.

  41. Craig Nakamoto says:

    Thanks! I was hesitating to do the same thing, because I wasn’t sure if these would fit on my NC6 headphones.

  42. Eva Dobrov says:

    Thank you so much. I have the exact same headphones and was looking for replacement ear cushions today. I’ve got a trip tomorrow, so I just stripped the pads off a cheap airline pair of headphones, but they don’t look like they’ll last long. The ones you recommend look much thicker. Cheers!

  43. Jeff says:

    Many thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

  44. Kurt says:

    re these, people in England can get the same from Maplins a well known electronic store. Thanks so much for this though. Its what the web is for!

  45. Dave says:

    You should get a commission! I too am so grateful that you found this for us. I love my Sony headset but hate the black snow that now is falling from the ear pieces. I’ve ordered two sets. You rock! May you win the lottery – BIG!

  46. Skybu says:

    Whaoowww, what a useful tip !! I’ve been looking for months for this little stupid piece of foam for my MDR-NC5 … I’m happy !! Thank you from France !!

  47. MengYa says:

    Wow, Thank you so much. I search for a long time and finally find you. Thanks from Taipei.

    Cheers! : )

  48. JulieZ says:

    Can’t tell you how much this is appreciated! Just ordered a couple of pairs of these replacement foam covers, which, even with S&H, is less than 1 single foam cover direct from Sony. I had seen these covers before coming across your post, but wasn’t sure if they would work with the unit. Thanks for sharing the fact that they do.

  49. Leonard Lee says:

    Thanks so much for this link pal! =) you’ve saved me alot of time on this and I’m ordering 6 pieces!


  50. Fred says:

    Let me join the long queue of folk who all of a sudden seem to have disintegrating foam. Do you suppose Sony use a special foam that is programmed to fall apart after 10 years so you buy new headsets! Emmm. Thanks!

  51. Eric Engelmann says:


  52. Howie Weiss says:

    Like everyone else – thanks for the information. The replacement pads worked perfectly. Shipping was on the high side, but overall it was a LOT cheaper than ordering the replacements from Sony ($15/ear).

  53. Nathan Joe says:

    Just received my order, these replacement foam pads fit perfectly on my MDR-NC-5

  54. Mike Parker says:

    Thank you, Kevin : same story. Bought mine at Heathrow several years’ ago. I stopped using them because of the disintegrating foam. I have ordered the replacements : I appreciate your help in finding a replacement supplier.


  55. Bahi Para says:

    And another vote of thanks. Bought my pair of MDR-NC5 headphones on a trip to San Francisco. I didn’t (and don’t) particularly like the sound profile or the hiss that the anti-noise circuitry produces but they’re a blessing on a long flight. Today, despite living 24/7 in their PVC case, the headphone’s foam covers are all a-crumble. I’ve just placed an order and was pleased to find that they shipped internationally to London. Many thanks!

  56. John Buonamici says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for doing the legwork! I’ve got the same problem with the NC5’s I got at Heathrow.

  57. Marianne Johnson says:

    Thanks! Just ordered mine. My husband wanted me to get a new set of noise canceling headphone but these still work fine even tho’ they’re 10 years old so this is perfect.

  58. You’re a lifesaver, Kevin! My Sony MDR-NC5s are my treadmill headphones, and, while mine aren’t “powdering”, the foam pads are indeed falling apart and tearing away from the headset. Aside from that, they work perfectly for me as well, and while I have a new pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, I’m loathe to use them at the gym. They’re about 3 times the price of the Sony NC5s, which, being 10 years old, I don’t feel too bad sweatin’ to the 80’s with, and, as I said, they still work perfectly but for the foam pad issue. I just happily ordered 2 pairs of foam covers, thanks to you, Kevin! I’m grateful that yours is the first post that comes up in a Google search for “headphone pads replacement sony mdr-nc5”, and for your helpful post! Thank you so much! If you ever need anything that’s Futurama-, or Pinky & The Brain-related, you’ve got it!

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Maurice. I thought your name looked familiar! You’ve performed in many of my family’s favorite cartoons. I’ll take you up on any Futurama swag if that’s possible!

  59. Gindy53 says:

    Thank you so much for the site link. Ordered 5 sets for a work out maniac kid so her head set is comfy and clean.

  60. RogMo says:

    Thanks so much for the info- I had quit using mine and now they are going to be resurrected!

  61. Bradley McInnes says:

    Great post. I was about to throw away my Sony MDR NC5 headset because of the disintegrating ear pads. It simply never occured to me to look for replacement pads. Found them at The Source and the headset is as good as new. By the way, I didn’t realize that the original pads were glued to the headset. I pried the outside edge up with a razor knife and went around the edge lifting as I went.

    Thank you,

  62. Luis says:

    Thanks for the post! Saved my NC6s as Sony was charging 5.95 per piece and only had 1 available and the rest on backorder…

  63. Preston says:

    Awesome. You just saved me from having to buy another pair of noise canceling headphones! When my japanese made Sony MDR-NC5 ‘s were still working just fine. Just dug these out of storage and found out the foam was crumbling, great replacement.

  64. Linda says:

    Thank you!!!! Just ordered a bunch so I don’t have to look for them again.

  65. Shona says:

    Many thanks for the link. Have spent ages looking for replacements in Sydney only to be told I would have to buy another set of headphones…talk about a throw away society!

  66. Giles Healy says:

    Good man! Just bought them. Thanks for saving me the time and effort of an exhaustive trawl through the internet. Very attached to my headphones too.


  67. Bill says:

    My NDR-NC6 headphones have been great purchase. I’m sure Sony would rather that I buy a new pair, but these foam pieces will make these like new. Thanks Kevin.

  68. twila says:

    Thanks for the tip! You rock.

  69. Nelson says:

    You are the man!!!! my ears are killing me!!!! I just ordered them…
    They should have more people in this world like you!!!!!

  70. Suzette says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  71. Kris Roberts says:

    I live in Brisbane Australia. Just seen all these comments, got very excited and decided not to go out and buy replacement headset for my MDR-NC5s which have been sitting in a cupboard for a few years since the ear cushions crumbled … but am finding that I can’t order anything related to audio from overseas now (!!??) … and can’t find anyone in Australia who sells EPs. Any suggestion PLEASE.

  72. Patrick says:

    I was about to pitch them when the foam was gone,but after reading these posts I gave them a try. Perfect fit and they match the color of the frames better than the originals. I also was suprised at the prices of these(the phones) on e-bay…glad I kept them. Thanks!

  73. Vinu says:

    Thanks for the post. saved me a nice pair of headphones 🙂

  74. Ryan says:

    Namaste, your solution saved me so much time & effort. Many thanks!

  75. David says:

    Brilliant! I bought mine Oct 2000 and went to use them last week to find the foam disintegrating. I just about chucked them out when I Googled Sony MDR-NC5 replacement pads and found your site. The foam pads arrived yesterday and I’m wearing them today–perfect fit! Thanks for doing the leg work and saving my favourite headphones. Just need to find the Goo-Gone to remove this black tar I have over my fingers and nails. ‘gards.

  76. Renald says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the information. I ordered five replacements pads today.

  77. hvac service says:

    Thank you so much,

  78. alastair says:

    big thanks thought id have to buy a new pair – well done sir -and they ship to london!

  79. peterscholl says:

    generic covers used on aeroplane headphones fit these headphones. Grab a few next time you are on a plane

  80. dj says:

    thank you

  81. Mike Smyth says:

    Put this into Google as a lost cause and then this comes up. I would never think of posting something like this, but look how useful it’s been to so many people!!

    Thanks again! It’s funny how the little things count so much.

  82. Jim Mahon says:

    Thanks again to Kevin for starting a great blog about a tough to find item. This got me going in the right direction to find replacement ear cushions. And in the process I stumbled into an even better set of replacement cushions, ones that are teardrop shaped just like the MDR-NC5 ear pieces. I found they fit perfectly, avoiding the necessity to stretch round ones into teardrop shape. They are from the seller “electronics-4-fun” on ebay. Cost is $7.85/set with free shipping. The title of the item is: “New Auto Wireless Headphone Foam Ear Pads Nissan Toyota Chevrolet Ford Chrysler.” Here is the direct ebay link, although who knows how long this link will work as the seller adjusts the items he has to sell:


  83. Jim Bailey says:

    Thank you so much! I appreciate you going to the trouble. Three years later your original post is still helping people with Sony MDR-NC6 headphones. Jim in Sac.

  84. GThursty says:

    Thank you, I purchased a set of covers for $1.92 + shipping….thinking what the heck, it may be the very inexpensive “see thru” thin foam but no great loss, however, to my surprise the foam is actually good quality and they fit fine. Good as new. I saved my headset from the landfill… headset thanks you as well!

  85. DN says:

    Thanks! This is a great help…

  86. Susan says:

    3 years later from your original post and we’re still looking at it 🙂 I just ordered from the same company that you used. If I don’t come back here, you can consider me a happy camper! Thanks.

  87. Susan says:

    I had to come back and let your readers know that I am thrilled with the ear pads! I received them in the mail 3 days after I ordered them. I ordered 6 since the shipping was same for 2 or more. They are a nice thicker foam and grey! same as the headset. You would never know they were round to start with once you put them on. Some guy above paid 12 bucks to get oval ones. Not necessary, I ordered the same ones you did 3 years ago. Thanks for sharing!

  88. diane says:

    thanks for doing the leg work!!!

  89. Max CC says:

    Another vote of thanks!

  90. brian cardis says:

    ow, I am glad I decided to search for this item. 4 yrs ago or so, I got a cheap pair of headphones at a store and another time a pair from a coworker to replace the pads. I love my headphones, orginally bought for NASCAR rwces since they were small and did the same work as the big bulky ones. Plan to order some. Thanks

  91. Al in SoCal says:

    I’m clearly not alone in my search for replacement muffs for my great sony headphones! LOL – thanks for this!!

  92. IonOtter says:

    Three years on, and this post still delivers! Well done, Techie! Well done indeed!

  93. Tony Mc says:

    I purchased my MDR_NC5 at Narita Airport en route to Australia ten years ago and being compact they are ideal for plane travel so I didn’t want to part with them when the pads disintegrated. I tried specialist Australian electronics retailer Jaycar yesterday for replacement pads but they only stock covers for bud type headsets. The salesman suggested I go online and Google came up with your blog at first hit. Thanks, Kevin, Google and the Jaycar staffer.

  94. Dreama Little says:

    Bless you.
    Your story could have been mine. Thanks for going in front and blazing the trail.

  95. Eats Wombats says:

    Great stuff. Thanks. (from Ireland)

  96. Vicki says:

    Thanks a million! You saved me a LOT of trouble, time & money. This was the first link I clicked on!

  97. Anne says:

    brilliant , so useful I am writing my thankyou in advance of purchase. Haven’t travelled for quite a while and was dismayed they were unusable – that powdered foam can really irritate your eyes.
    Next hoping the magic net will have a solution re Rossignol ski boots heel pads !!! boots perfect and heel worn. I hate not being able to use things because the most minor but important part is no longer available !! Thanks,

  98. David says:

    love it man…
    mine ripped a while back…so i had to buy new ones…but not noise cancel….

  99. David says:

    Kudos to you for finding this site. Also, kudos to Google for directing me to you. I was at a loss as to where to get reasonable replacement for the ear cushions. Your recommendation works like a charm!

  100. aaron says:

    Awesome thanks for posting!

  101. Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s people like you who make the Internet a treasure trove.

  102. imtheqman says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for the tip!!

  103. johnny says:

    i found a web store that offers quite good service. cheap and good quality.

    Hope it helps you guys

  104. John says:

    Thank you Kevin and all,

    After finding this webpage and reading yours and other comments, I recently bought 3 pairs of EP-5 from

    They do indeed fit my Sony MDR-NC5 headphones, stretching perfectly over the oval shape of the phones.

    I also bought several pairs of EP-3 cushions from headsetpartsunlimited for my ipod and ipad earphones, and they too fit perfectly.

    Shipping to UK was quick and inexpensive via their regular airmail delivery.

    Thanks again. Superb.

  105. JC says:

    Thank you Kevin! I searched the internet for hours before finding your post. Placed my order five minutes ago and will advise the readers once they arrive. Used my MDR-NC6 while in Afghanistan serving in the US Army – I am looking forward to being able to use them once again.

  106. Bazza C says:

    Amazing! I dug out my NC5’s because my wife was asking for some good earphones to use with her I-Pad. Just went down and she was complaining about the balck crap all over her shirt. We went on the web and was amazed how many people had the same problem! Just ordered 6 pads!
    Grateful thanks

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  108. Jim Howard says:

    Thanks for the information. I ordered from the site and ordered four of them and the price was just under $9.00 with shipping.
    Then I decided to do a search! I know I should have done a search first.
    Amazon sells six of them for $3.97 but they do come from Hong Kong and not sure what the shipping would be for them.

  109. Jim says:

    Amazing how useful this post has been for so many people over the years. Great post. Just ordered replacements for our two MDR-NC5 headsets plus future replacements to justify the shipping cost.Thanks!

  110. Richard Langley says:

    I, too, discovered this posting and ordered some replacement ear cushions for my Sony MDR-NC5 Headphones. They arrived a day before I was going on a trip to Hawaii (great service from and so I took the headphones along. I was in the cheap seats on Air Canada flights on the way over but in business class on the way back. I discovered that in the upgraded business-class section of Air Canada’s Boeing 767-300 aircraft (with pod seating), there are Sennheiser NoiseGuard headphones in each pod with disposable ear cushions supplied to each passenger in a sealed plastic package. These cushions, although thinner and a tiny bit larger (still circular), also fit the Sony MDR-NC5 Headphones. So, if you need some replacement cushions and you’re fortunate to fly business class on Air Canada with pod seating (and perhaps on other airlines), bring the headphone cushions home with you. They’ll only be throwing them out when they service the aircraft.

    On a related topic, I found that when using the Sony MDR-NC5 Headphones on an aircraft, even better noise-cancelling is had by gently pressing the speakers closer to one’s ears. It’s as if there is not quite enough tension provided by the headband. Anyone found a way to increase it? A small bungie cord around the back of the head might work but that seems like it would be uncomfortable, not to mention geeky looking.

  111. Frank Baker says:

    Thanks Kevin! Mine are 7 & 11 years old and are falling apart, no powder though. I almost ordered the EP-5’s, but then I saw these at CHeadphones. Just placed the order – total cost $7 for the 5 pairs.

  112. Frank Baker says:

    OK folks, today I received my shipment via register post. The pads fit perfectly, and seem to be of quality construction. I have two pairs of headphones, so I now have backup pads for both! Since I am in Malaysia, I thought it would be quicker, and maybe cheaper, to order from China instead of the USA. It took 3 weeks, so decide for yourself. But these are the original oval shape, and fit perfectly. I hope to get another 10 years of listening enjoyment from them!

  113. Anton says:

    Thanks Kevin and everyone that kept the post alive. My foam did not even get to the powder stage, it just turned into sticky black goo. Getting the generics from fleabay. 4 pairs for $3.80.

  114. jimd says:

    Great information. It was just what I was looking for. I just orfered the replacement ear pads. Thanks for saving me a lot of time.

  115. Pete Dillon says:

    This post is a brilliant example of what the net could do, if only more people posted simple but effective tips like this. Top man!

  116. Ovidio Cavazos says:

    Praise the Lord, thank you very much for this information, God Bless

  117. Gilbert says:

    Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed and I just ordered from Headset Parts Unlimited based upon your recommendation (I rarely act so quickly to online reviews.) I appreciate your investigation and review. I bought the Sony MDR-NC40 3 years ago because I couldn’t get reasonably priced pads for my Sony MDR-NC5 after searching on and off for years. In another last ditch effort I webbed and also chatted with Sony for an OEM part to no avail (wasting more time.) Finally I goggled and found your post. After I receive my ear pads, I will be a very happy camper!

  118. JongP says:

    Thank you very much for this. After using my NC6 for 5 years, I had the same experience of crumbling and had to semi-retire it after not finding a suitable replacement. After a recent move coast to coast, I saw the N6 again and was about to toss it to the trashy but decided to give it a shot and I found your post.

    I didn’t order the one you have posted, but decided to take some risk by looking for a faux leather version using the specifications and other information in your post and the comments herein. I ended up ordering this in Amazon with the the merchant’s awesome return policy backing me up.

    The pads arrived today and hurriedly tried it on the NC6 and it fit like a glove. Now,not only have i resurrected my NC6, but it now sports an awesome leather pad.

    And this is is all thanks to you and this post!

  119. Bill Orr says:

    Thanks mate…

  120. Jen Carter says:

    Great Assist Friend! Might just send your url to Sony — they should see how fab you are, and how much demand is for their crap foam covers that DO “disintegrate” (*<– crazy, isn't it? a company like Sony providing a product with the key exterior part which crumbles! I couldn't believe it!)

    Also, agree with everyone — the MDR-NC5s are the best noise cancelling headphones!! I've been gifted Bose and some other brands — cuz I live on planes.. and friends see how ratty my beloved Sonys are (*I no longer have any of the cover.. "crumbled" off!)

    A funny comment by a toddler today has motivated me to get my lazy butt in gear, and buy some replacements… so thank goodness I found your terrificly helpful post.

    A Few Million More Thanks,

  121. Kevin says:

    Thanks to Dawna at Headset Parts Unlimited for her kind note and the nice ear cushions! They were completely unexpected, but they’re being put to good use. 🙂

  122. Rena says:

    Like you, we’ve had our headphones for a good 10 years. I pulled them out when we went skiing last month and found no foam attached to either earpiece–it had pretty much disintegrated. Not wanting to discard them, I started the online search and found your info. I went to your link and found the foam pieces are not being sold in a pair–they are charging $1.20 per foam piece now ($2.40/pair). So I dug a little farther and found this:
    You have to buy 1 “set” (which is the 10 pairs), but at $1.00 per pair, I think it’s still a bargain 🙂

  123. Dietmar says:

    I found 10 pair (20 qty) for $10.99 free shipping on amazon
    Paste this link into your browser.

  124. Micky says:

    I purchased mine per the authors direction. they are $1.20 each, not a pair. plus a $5 shipping fee. I just got them today and I feel like I totally got my money’s worth. fit is great and seem heavy duty yet super comfy. Thanks you guys for your time and for caring so much about these awesome headphones.

  125. Patrick B. says:

    I purchased a pair of the Sony MDR nc5 several years ago. I fell in love with the sound quality. I had to put it away in my closet due to the terrible disintegration of the ear pads. I was watching a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest and in it, Q Tip used them and it made me think about how much I loved those headphones. I dug out my pair and searched for replacement ear pads. Now, I’m thanking you for your find! Thanks Kevin.

  126. Gilbert says:

    A sad follow-up from my: September 13, 2013 post (attached at the end)

    Great headset pads! Alas, now gone with the headset. Forgotten/lost on my flight 12/31/15 on UA. Both Sony MDR-NC5 and earpads still were in excellent shape! Will miss them greatly. Thank you for 2+ years of additional use!


    Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed and I just ordered from Headset Parts Unlimited based upon your recommendation (I rarely act so quickly to online reviews.) I appreciate your investigation and review. I bought the Sony MDR-NC40 3 years ago because I couldn’t get reasonably priced pads for my Sony MDR-NC5 after searching on and off for years. In another last ditch effort I webbed and also chatted with Sony for an OEM part to no avail (wasting more time.) Finally I goggled and found your post. After I receive my ear pads, I will be a very happy camper!

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