Replacement ear cushions for Sony MDR-NC5 headphones

Back in 2000, while on a business trip to Singapore, I picked up a pair of Sony MDR-NC5 noise canceling headphones. I loved them so much that I bought a second pair a year later. Now it’s 9 years later and the ear pads are disintegrating, leaving black powder everywhere when I listen to music. Time to replace the cushions. Simple, right? Wrong. Sony’s web site doesn’t even list them any longer, and when they did, they were charging $15.00 each – for a stupid piece of foam rubber. After several exhaustive Google searches, I came up with nothing (except for many other people looking for the same ear cushions). No one is selling OEM replacements.

On a whim I decided to check out generic replacements. At first I didn’t think this would work, as the original ear cushions are not a standard shape. They’re ovals, 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. Hell, foam stretches, right? So 2 1/2″ circular replacement covers should work if I stretch them across the headphone speaker. I ordered EP-5 2 1/2″ replacement ear cushions from, and they worked perfectly! Success.  Only $0.96 each!

If you have a pair of MDR-NC5 or MDR-NC6 headphones and are looking for replacement ear cushions, the search is over.

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