Massachusetts is the most tech savvy state, again

From Yahoo! Tech:

The Milken Institute’s 2008 State Technology and Science Index looked at five major areas before compiling the list below, which included the state’s ability to attract funding, skilled tech workers, and new businesses. Here is the list of the top ten most tech savvy states:

1. Massachusetts
2. Maryland
3. Colorado
4. California
5. Washington
6. Virginia
7. Connecticut
8. Utah
9. New Hampshire
10. Rhode Island

Massachusetts remains the “gold standard” for other states thanks to its institutions, cutting-edge firms, and ability to retain a skilled work force. Living up to its reputation, the state just passed a $1 billion life sciences bill to invest in high-tech infrastructure over the next 10 years, which puts it in the best position to achieve high economic growth from its technology assets, according to the Milken Institute study.

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