Apple Primes the iPhone for Enterprise

Finally…oh, yeah – NOW I’m getting one.

From via Yahoo!:

On March 6, Apple is holding an event for analysts and the media to formally announce plans for its highly anticipated iPhone and iPod Touch software developers’ kit (SDK) that would allow third-party applications to run on the device. Those applications, which in my mind more resemble the weather, stocks and maps widgets currently on the device, would bring a lot more functionality, and that is saying something, given how easy and useful the iPhone currently is.

In addition to outlining the procedures developers will need to follow in order to author and distribute their own applications through iTunes, Apple’s invite suggests that the company will reveal some enterprise-geared features for the device.

As widely reported on the web over the last few months and had been evident by job postings over at Apple, the company has formed a team whose primary objective is to test future Exchange and Outlook functionality with the touch-screen handset.

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  1. Robert says:

    Not so fast Pally Boy.
    From what my understanding is, the SDK is very restrictive in terms of DRM that integrates into API. No background applications, no code that can execute other code (sorry java). I can totally see Apples desire for a seamless integration of third party apps, as anyone with a Palm OS device will confirm. I think Apple will emphasize great cooperation to an enterprise pathway with underlying security rivaling Rim’s model. Until then, those wish to develop useful iPhone apps will continue to do so, via the more robust open tool chain.

    The iPhone’s killer app will likely not be an app at all, but rather a standard revenue model that bypasses iTunes, Apples scrutiny and most importantly the paypal “donate now” button.

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