Tupper's Self-Referential Formula

This is one of coolest and geekiest things I’ve ever seen. From Mathworld:

J. Tupper concocted the amazing formula

where |_x_| is the floor function and mod(b,m) is the mod function, which, when graphed over 0<=x<=105 and n<=y<=n+16 with n==960939379918958884971672962127852754715004339660 129306651505519271702802395266 424689642842174350718121267153782770623355993237 280874144307891325963941337723 487857735749823926629715517173716995165232890538 221612403238855866184013235585 136048828693337902491454229288667081096184496091 705183454067827731551705405381 627380967602565625016981482083418783163849115590 225610003652351370343874461848 378737238198224849863465033159410054974700593138 339226497249461751545728366702 369745461014655997933798537483143786841806593422 227898388722980000748404719, gives the self-referential "plot":

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