“Tech-No” Says No to Tech

This actually sounds kinda nice… (via Neatorama):

Joan Brady of San Francisco can’t even count the number of computers that friends have foisted upon her over the years. Laptops. Desktops. Monitors. It’s like they can’t help themselves. Like they just can’t accept her for who she is: a woman daring to live without a PC in the heart of Techtropolis.

“I just don’t need it,” says Brady, a 52-year-old personal chef and party clown.

No, she doesn’t e-mail. And, really, she does not need you to call her and read the latest e-mail joke to her. She knows what she’s missing, and she’s grateful for it every day.

Call Brady a “tech-no,” a member of a dwindling – some might say occasionally oppressed – minority who are resisting the worldwide movement to be constantly connected. They’re just saying no to the very technologies that increasingly are captivating most everybody else.

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