How to quickly drain your capacitors

Helpful hint from the Windows Secrets newsletter:

In my Dec. 14 article, reader Michael Thomas recommended that you wait at least 10 seconds before turning your computer back on when performing a full power-down. That short delay allows the system’s capacitors to lose their charge. This, in turn, completely resets any status information that may be held in your PC’s components.

Several readers, including Darryl Howerton, offered a small speed-up tip:

“An easier way is to simply press the power button after unplugging the computer or turning the power supply switch off. This will cause the capacitors to drain almost immediately, eliminating the wait.”

You’re right, Darryl, thanks. I’ve also found that the more caffeine I’ve had, the longer those 10 seconds can seem. I’ll remember this tip for my next caffeine-overdose day!

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