2007 New Years Resolutions

My 2007 resolutions:

  • Lose last of the fat – drop down to 170 lbs by March 1st (8 pounds to go!).
  • More patience – don’t snap to judgment, let others finish a sentence before cutting in, don’t get angry if others are going slower. 
  • Stop yelling as much – goes hand-in-hand with “more patience”.  Control the temper.
  • Focus on the family – spend as much spare time as possible with the wife and kids.  Don’t waste time in the man cave in front of a computer when you could be spending that time playing with the kids.
  • Be the “better man” – use common courtesy as much as possible.  Just because the other guy is a rude asshat doesn’t mean you need to be one too.
  • Grow in my job/career – just because you have the title doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing all the time.  Read more about CTO/CIO best practices and skills.
  • Less TV – stop turning the TV on and the brain off when the work day is over.  Spend the time reading and playing.
  • Enjoy life – get the most out of life.  Focus on happiness.  At 40, life is most likely half over.  Don’t let it pass you by while you’re in a haze.

About Kevin

Kevin Jarnot is a technologist who lives just South of Boston, MA. He is currently employed as Chief Technology Officer at Micronotes, an AI-driven conversation-marketing company based in Boston, MA.
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