Good Riddance to Bad Baggage

Times New Roman has been dethrowned! And it’s about time…talk about lousy font faces…

Times New Roman: it’s the Coke, the Kleenex, the Xerox, the Cheerios of typefaces. Times is a given. It’s natural. It’s expected. No one would ever look at a paper or article or memo and say, “Ew, why’d you choose Times New Roman?” Times is so ubiquitous that it’s invisible—it’s the Mao-poster of types.

How’d Times reach such saturation? Simple. It’s the default font on the world’s dominant word-processing program, Microsoft Word.

But no longer. . . .

Earlier this year, Microsoft released betas of Office 2007, and the first thing reviewers noticed, besides the new interface, was that Times New Roman had been deposed as the default font with something called . . . Calibri?

More at fadtastic.

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