Vonage Sucks, part deux

Yes, Vonage truly sucks.

Vonage future looks troubled | Tech News on ZDNet

On its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange, shares in the company slid to $14.85, almost 13 percent below the initial offering price of $17. Losses continued on Thursday as shares closed at $13. Many on Wall Street have predicted the stock could finish the week in single digits.

Vonage (VG) Sinks in IPO Debut

There’s not much to “WooHoo” about for Vonage Holdings’ (NYSE: VG) investors today after a lackluster IPO debut on the Nasdaq. In recent trading, shares of Vonage were down about 12% from the $17 IPO price, making it one of the worst IPOs of the year.

Vonage to reimburse bankers-reports

Internet telephone service provider Vonage Holdings Corp., stung by the year’s worst initial public share offer, plans to reimburse underwriters if customers who were allotted shares did not pay for them, according to media reports.

About 15 percent of Vonage’s 31.25 million shares were offered to about 10,000 Vonage customers, who had until May 30 to open an account to pay for the shares at $17 per share, according to a report on the New York Times Web site.

Now Vonage may be stuck with the bill as some customers are reluctant to pay for their shares, the Times reported.

Vonage, I have two words for you – *HA HA*. See what happens when you have such lousy customer service?

It’s all freakin’ karma, man… 🙂

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  1. dooks says:

    Absolutely….what goes around comes around!
    Whose got their tails stuck in a revolving door now? HA HA HA


  2. microhand says:

    I signed up Vonage service 7 months ago because it sounded cool and cheap. Today, I cancelled it after 2 months of frustration. First, about 3 months ago, the Vonage phone quit working on me. It took me 2 weeks to find out the phone 1 jacket from Linksys phone adaptor (Vonage provides it) was defective. Since Vonage mailed me a new Motorola phone adaptor, I started to suffer from terrible static noise. It became so bad that I couldn’t even hear anything on the phone. After near one month of struggle(tech support from Vonage tried very hard), I finally got fed up. After I cancelled Vonage service, I was charged $39.99 disconnection fee. In addition, Vonage refused to refund the last month’s up front charge despite they only provided 2 days’ service before I cancelled it.
    On top of 2 months’ of “nothing works” phone service and 2 months’ of “good for nothing” service charge, I also paid for early disconnection fee and, most radiculous of all, the service Vonage never provides.
    Like Vonage said on their advertisement, “People do stupid things.” I feel I am one of them.
    Take my advice. Don’t use Vonage. It sucks.

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