Garbage house full of 70,000 empty Coors Light cans

This reminds me of the guitarist for my band back in the 80s. Jack had asked if I would give him a hand carting some beer cans from his basement to a local redemption center. He opened the basement door and there sat several thousand beer cans. At least he still had the original cases, which made it easier to load onto his truck. I think he made $50-60, which he of course immediately spent on more beer. 🙂

A rented house in Ogden, UT was discovered to have accumulated some 70,000 empty Coors Light cans in eight years of tenancy — the cans covered the furniture and blocked the entrance. The garbage house tenant consumed 24 cans of Coors Light per day for eight years.

Ryan Froerer, Century 21: “As we approached the door, there were beer boxes, all the way up to the ceiling.”

Inside, he took just a few snapshots to document the scene. Beer cans by the tens of thousands. Mountains of cans burying the furniture. The water and heat were shut off, apparently on purpose by the tenant, who evidently drank Coors Light beer exclusively for the eight years he lived there.


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