Conservatism vs. Libertarianism

Seen on the Future of Freedom Foundation website:

The Conservative:

I’m a conservative. I believe in individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government, except for:

1. Social Security;
2. Medicare;
3. Medicaid;
4. Welfare;
5. Drug laws;
6. Public schooling;
7. Federal grants;
8. Economic regulations;
9. Minimum-wage laws and price controls;
10. Federal Reserve System;
11. Paper money;
12. Income taxation and the IRS;
13. Trade restrictions;
14. Immigration controls;
15. The postal monopoly;
16. Foreign aid;
17. Foreign wars of aggression;
18. Foreign occupations;
19. An overseas military empire;
20. A standing army and a military-industrial complex;
21. Infringements on civil liberties;
22. Military detentions and denial of due process and jury trials for citizens and non-citizens accused of crimes;
23. Torture and sex abuse of prisoners;
24. Secret kidnappings and “renditions” to brutal foreign regimes for purposes of torture;
25. Secret torture centers around the world;
26. Secret courts and secret judicial proceedings;
27. Warrantless wiretapping of citizens and non-citizens;
28. Violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights for purposes of “national security”; and
29. Out-of-control federal spending to pay for all this.

The Libertarian:

I’m a libertarian. I believe in individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government. Period. No exceptions.

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