The Torn-Up Credit Card Application

OK, now this just pisses me off.

Just so you know, I’m currently on hold with American Express’s fraud dept, as I just discovered four fraudulant charges on my latest statement. This has happened to me every 6 months or so over the past few years that I’ve been actively shopping online. While I’m (not so) patiently waiting to speak to someone, I read this (from

bq.. You should probably buy a shredder today.

I wasn’t sure if just tearing a Credit Card application into tiny bits was good enough to prevent dumpster-diving theft, so I did a test.
I tore one up, then taped it back together again, filled it out with a DIFFERENT address and CELL number.

Sure enough, in four weeks I was rewarded with a shiny new card with a $5,000 limit.

Now I guess I’ll go buy a shredder with this card.

p. My God, just how dumb *are* the credit card companies?!?

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