Bye Bye, PalmOS

PalmOS is officially dead and replaced by Linux. From the press release:

bq.. ACCESS Co., Ltd., and its wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., today announced the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP), the latest evolution of Palm OS(R) for Linux. The ACCESS Linux Platform is designed to be an integrated, open and flexible Linux-based platform tailored for smartphones and mobile devices.

p. From Wired Gear Factor:

bq.. The four horsemen of the PDA apocalypse are mounted up and ready to ride, and Palm OS is now officially dead. With Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 now running on Palm devices and Palm OS developer PalmSource long since sold to the Japanese company Access, it was only a matter of time. Access is putting Palm OS to bed in favor of a completely rebranded and totally redesigned mobile operating system built entirely on Linux. The new OS will still run legacy Palm software in addition to lots of Linux-based apps, but it won’t even have the word “palm” in the name. Instead, it’ll be called Access Linux Platform. Of course, it’ll be a while before the new OS comes to a handheld near you, as the developer’s kit won’t even be available until much later this year.

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