Yeah – that *IS* how I pictured Cartman in real life…

This week’s South Park episode, “Free Willzyx”, gave us a glimpse of what the boys would look like is real life. After “rescuing” a killer whale from Denver’s version of Sea World, a police sketch is circulated of the kidnappers:

We then get a closeup of Kyle, the “ringleader”:

From what I’ve read, Stan looks like a young Trey Parker and Kyle is a young Matt Stone. Kenny? Who knows. Cartman? Perfect. 🙂

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2 Responses to Yeah – that *IS* how I pictured Cartman in real life…

  1. bridget says:

    that’s so cool. i have somehow managed to miss every.single.southpark episode this season. and i haven’t seen the boondocks yet either :/

  2. Steve says:

    This is awsome!!!!!

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