Hunter S. Thompson's Ashes to be Sent High on Fireworks

In accordance with his last wishes, Hunter S Thompson’s ashes will be sent into the sky in 34 fireworks mortar tubes. From [“Rocky Mountain News”:,1299,DRMN_15_4011107,00.html]:

bq.. Hunter S. Thompson’s cremated remains, mixed with fireworks and packed into 34 mortar tubes, were en route to Woody Creek Wednesday.

The unusual shipment from New Castle, Pa., via padlocked truck is one of the final steps towards a funeral Saturday expected to mix solemnity with pageantry.

Thompson’s only son, Juan Thompson, stresses the respectful tone he wants to strike, but acknowledges that his father’s funeral wishes were unusual. Based on Hunter Thompson’s comments in a 1978 BBC documentary, fireworks launchers will arc his ashes from a 153-foot structure capped by a double-thumbed, red Fiberglas fist.

Actor Johnny Depp, a friend of Thompson’s who portrayed the writer in a film, is footing the estimated $2 million cost of the send-off.

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