On Wall St., alphabet is up for grabs

From Money:

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Is the single-letter ticker symbol dying a slow death? If so, the reason might be that a solo symbol is less a blessing than a curse.

In recent weeks, three high-profile companies whose stocks trade under a single letter have announced that they will be acquired, and thus lose their old symbols.

Gillette (G) is merging with Procter & Gamble; Sears (S) will be acquired by rival Kmart (and move its stock from the New York Stock Exchange to Nasdaq); and AT&T (T) is to be swallowed up by its former offspring, SBC Communications.

When the transactions are completed, it could leave as many as 11 of the potential 26 one-letter symbols unoccupied, if no other companies assume their places.

The full list:

  • A – Agilent
  • B – Barnes Grp
  • C – Citigroup
  • D – Dominion
  • E – Eni
  • F – Ford
  • G – Gillette
  • H – Open (ex-Harcourt)
  • I – Open
  • J – Open (ex-Jackpot)
  • K – Kellogg
  • L – Liberty
  • M – Open
  • N – Inco
  • O – Realty Inc
  • P – Open (ex-Phillips)
  • Q – Qwest
  • R – Ryder
  • S – Sears
  • T – AT&T
  • U – Open (ex-US Air)
  • V – Vivendi
  • W – Open (ex-Westvaco)
  • X – US Steel
  • Y – Alleghany
  • Z – Open (ex-Venator)

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