Ricky Gervais to Write for The Simpsons

Ricky Gervais, creator and star of the excellent British comedy, “The Office“, has been asked by Matt Groening to write for The Simpsons.

Springfield, the garish home of the dysfunctional American cartoon family The Simpsons, is a long way from Slough. But the two towns will be linked next year in the form of Ricky Gervais, aka David Brent of The Office, who said yesterday he had become the first British writer to be asked to work on the American series.

Matt Groening, a fan of British comedy in general and The Office in particular, asked Gervais to write an episode after meeting him in Los Angeles last year when the British comedy won two Golden Globe awards.

“It was embarrassing, because he was saying how much he loved The Office and I was saying how much I loved The Simpsons. It turns you into a nerd because I was quoting bits of the show back at him,” said Gervais.

Having agreed to write the script with executive producer Al Jean, Gervais said he had already completed a first draft. “I bang it down, give it to them, they make it funny and I claim the credit,” he said. “I feel like I know Homer. It’s a joy.”

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