My Evil Sons

I was playing around with the night vision feature of my digital camcorder today. It makes my sons look downright eeeeevillllll

Evil Tommy
Evil Petey

Fear the Jarnot children…

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Kevin Jarnot is a technologist who lives just South of Boston, MA. He is currently employed as Chief Technology Officer at Micronotes, an AI-driven conversation-marketing company based in Boston, MA.
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  1. Robert Anna says:

    I knew there was some kind of dark force working when they paid us a visit last summer. Transcript as follows:

    Tommy: Do you think we could have some cookies?
    RA: Oh, sorry Tommy we don’t have any of those
    Long awkward pause……
    Tommy: I’m really hungry, I think I’d really like some chips please.
    RA: Sorry Tommy, we don’t have any chips right now either
    Long awkward pause
    Tommy: Maybe you should check the cupboard, that’s where you would find the cookies
    RA: Sorry Tommy, Wendy hasn’t done her shopping yet.
    Longer more awkward pause
    Tommy: Why don’t you go talk to her and she could tell you where the cookies are.
    RA: No Tommy, I’m quite certain, we have no cookies.
    Very long, very awkward pause
    Tommy: Can I ask her where the cookies are?

  2. Kevin says:

    I’ve been teaching them from an early age to never trust “the man”.

    I guess I’ve achieved some level of success. 🙂

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