Microsoft's DRM Has Been cracked

Wow. Someone named “Beale Screamer” has cracked MS’s Digital Rights Management (the copy protection in WMV and WMA files):

Beale Screamer has successfully cracked Microsoft’s copy protection used in Windows Media digital right management software. The crack called Freeme strips off the piece from the WMA or WMV file that prevents copying the file.This is extremely bad news for Microsoft. Because they had some deals going with movie studios and record labels in order to get WM used as a standard in digital media distribution online.

Microsoft’s has built DRM2 software in way that does allow copy-protection upgrades, so even that songs that are previously locked with WM technology can be unlocked, new songs can contain new copy-protections. But still these locks will be cracked as well. All copy protection methods are and will be cracked in the future.

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