The New Steve

From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

Ex-‘Blue’s Clues’ host reinvented as rocker
By Steve Penhollow

The reporter had something to tell Steve Burns, but he was having trouble finding the words.

Burns is the former host of the beloved Nickelodeon children’s program, “Blue’s Clues.”

Since he left the show in 2003, he has seemingly reinvented himself as an indie rocker.

The reporter bears more than a few scars inflicted by the actor-turned-singer genre (David Soul, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, William Shatner, ouch, ouch, stop, stop), so he had reason to be wary of Burns’ debut album “Songs For Dustmites.”

But he wasn’t prepared for his reaction to the CD.

“You’re surprised that my album didn’t suck,” Burns offered helpfully.


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