The Fine Art of Male Circumcision


The SmartKlamp® is a new, one time use only, circumcision tool, which is designed to create, a safer, faster, and smarter way to perform circumcisions.

The SmartKlamp® is a small plastic device, which workings can be compared with the umbilical cord clamp. It consists of a plastic transparent tube of polycarbonate, and a white clamping mechanism of nylon. It is very light and easy to use.

Through its unique design the SmartKlamp® provides for full protection of the penis during the circumcision, and gives a cosmetically predictable result. It makes the circumcision practically bloodless, which helps reducing the risk of spreading infections like AIDS or Hepatitis.

The SmartKlamp® comes in various sizes, from newborn (10mm) to adult, and is individually EO sterilized packed. Every SmartKlamp® is supplied with a size-0-meter, to ensure you select the right size of device.

About Kevin

Kevin Jarnot is a technologist who lives just South of Boston, MA. He is currently employed as Chief Technology Officer at Micronotes, an AI-driven conversation-marketing company based in Boston, MA.
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