I Love a Good Ice Storm in July…

Yesterday was a hot and humid day here on the South Shore. My chore for the day was to clean out the garage, and I even talked Tommy and Pete into helping me sweep. As we were cleaning, the sky began to turn dark and it began to hail. The kids had never seen hail before, and they ran around trying to collect the 1/4 inch chunks of ice before they melted.

Having seen in the past what hail storms can do to car bodies, I quickly drove my car into the garage. Just as I turned off the ignition the hail began to fall in larger amounts. What started as a minor rain/hail storm now turned into a real hailstorm. The kids ran into the garage just in time. The hail was now an inch in diameter.

Then 1 1/2 inches.

Then 2 inches or even bigger.

It was something out of “The Day After Tomorrow”. There was larger than golfball-sized hail, smashing into everything – cars, tree branches. One chunk of ice precisely hit our outdoor light, smashing the glass globe into a hundred pieces. After sending the kids into the basement, I grabbed the video camera and started filming. I also snapped a few pics with my camera phone (excuse the lack of quality):

Heather was unlucky enough to be out driving during the worst of it, and her car is covered in dents and dings. Still, she was one of the lucky ones, as she had pulled over under some cover just in time. Others who had not found cover had their windshields cracked or even smashed.

My neighbor called to tell me that there had been a report of a tornado forming over Marshfield, the town just to the south. Luckily the funnel never fully formed over land and the storm went out to sea. As someone that had a funnel cloud touch down on top of them (in Cheektowaga, NY back in 1987), I definitely would not want to go through that experience again.

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