Black and Gray TV?

From the Cape Times:

Zimbabwe’s colour TV may also ban pink, purple, white and green

“Red is just the start,” said Solly Solinga, spokesperson for Zimbabwean Television, when I phoned him about the decision to ban that colour from the country’s TV screens because it symbolised the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party. “We have other colours in mind, too.”

“But there is red in so many things,” I argued. “You can’t simply ban it out of the spectrum.”

“We can do what we like with the spectrum, whatever that is,” said Solly. “We are not bound by Western concepts. Besides, red also signifies other hateful things to our revered president. It is the colour of London buses, so beloved by our former colonial oppressors. There is also the red herring of human rights abuses, when everyone knows our people have never been happier. Worst of all is when our enemies claim our national finances are in the red, so envious are they of our favourite colour, black.”

“What about red carpets?” I asked.

“The president is prepared to make an exception in the case of red carpets, so long as they are for him,” said Solly. “Pink is also banned. It reminds the president of homosexuals.”

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