This Sounds Fair to Me – Not

From WSFA12 Montogomery, AL:

Alabama State Representative Alvin Holmes was pulled over after seen weaving on a highway in Montgomery.

An off-duty deputy says he approached Holmes and noticed his speech was slurred and his breath smelled of alcohol.
Holmes denies any wrong-doing. He says he was driving home from the state house that night when his pickup truck started to overheat. He says he pulled over to look for a flashlight and that’s when the deputy pulled in behind him.

So, the State Rep was arrested and taken into custody, right? Wrong.

Holmes wasn’t arrested because he’s a state legislator and a state law gives legislators immunity to certain crimes. During the one hundred and five days of the legislative session, the law says legislators can only be arrested for treason, a felony, or a breach of peace.

The law is a privilege which many say helps legislators break the law. Republican Senator Larry Dixon says it was needed in the 19th century to stop sheriffs from using their power to keep legislators from voting.


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