Original Star Wars Trilogy Finally Coming Out on DVD

The New York Post has an article stating that the original three Star Wars films will be released on DVD Septmber 21st.

Fans have long been clamoring for DVD versions of the trilogy, the last holdouts from the top 200 grossing films of all time to be scheduled for release on DVD.

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas has finally relented, after insisting the three movies wouldn’t be released until the final “Star Wars” hits theaters in May 2005.

The set (details like pricing are still unavailable) will include four DVDs, with the fourth disc containing a brand-new two-hour documentary.

Note that these are the revised releases from the 90s and not the original theatrical versions.

The DVDs, which are certain to be blockbusters, are also certain to be controversial: Despite pleas from “Star Wars” fanatics all over the world, these DVDs will not contain the original theatrical version of the movies.

Instead, the DVDs will include the much-debated versions director Lucas released in the ’90s with new digital effects and plot twists that softened the character of Han Solo – even though DVD makes it easy to offer both the original and director’s cut of a movie.

It’s simply a matter of an artist’s right, says Jim Ward, a Lucasfilm vice president and the executive producer of the set.

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