False Domain Info May Mean Jail

Via Wired:

Congress may crack down on businesses and people who provide false information when they register a website, proposing huge fines and extra jail time for those who violate copyright and trademark law.

Backers say the bill, known as the Fraudulent Online Identity Sanctions Act, targets only those who lie when submitting data to domain-registration databases and then go on to break federal laws.

Co-sponsors Reps. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Howard Berman (D-California) hope the law will help copyright holders track down those who sell counterfeit merchandise on the Web, set up “phisher” sites to con unsuspecting Internet users into turning over credit card and PIN numbers, or illegally offer copyright works for download.

Yet another example of Congress making laws for specific industries, this time the RIAA and MPAA. And they continue to get away with it… Mind you, this is no better or worse that laws they’ve made in the past for farmers, environmental groups, etc. Not only “evil corporations” are special interest groups – something I wish Liberals would begin to understand.

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