Battlestar Galactica becomes a regular series on SciFi Channel

From BoingBoing:

SCI FI Channel has greenlit production on the Battlestar Galactica franchise as a new original weekly series. Based on the top-rated December miniseries event of the same name, the one-hour drama is slated to begin production on 13 episodes in Vancouver next month.

All principal cast from the mini will reprise their roles for the series, including Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama), Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), and Tricia Helfer (Number Six), among others. Ronald D. Moore (Carnivale, Mission Impossible 2) returns as executive producer as well as writer.

The project will be produced exclusively for SCI FI, in association with Sky One. The series will be distributed by USACE, where David Eick, an executive producer of the miniseries, serves as Executive Vice President.

Like I’ve said before, the new Galactica (which until now was limited to a two episode miniseries) is much better than the original. While I have very fond memories for the 1970’s Glen Larson version, they are specious memories at best.

This photograph says it all:

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