Automatically Kill Processes that are Waiting to Die

(how’s that for a catchy title?)

When you shutdown windows, the task manager steps through the process list and tries to gracefully kill each running program. Sometimes a program just refuses to die gracefully (Norton Antiirus is a good example), and the task manager will wait for the process to die, and finally give up. It will them prompt the user with an alert asking if it’s ok to kill the process in a less than graceful manner. The big problem with this is that you may start a reboot process, go away for a while, only to find an alert waiting for you when you return (and the PC obviously has not rebooted).

To automatically kill all waiting processes without prompting, you can simply set the AutoEndTasks registry entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop to 1.

Now no more alert boxes.

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