LG VX6000 Links and Info

Here’s some good links for LG VX6000 info (will update this link as I find more):

  • Yahoo VX6000 Group
  • Howard Forums’ LG Board
  • The VX6000 Cellar
  • VX6000 Manual (PDF)
  • Digital PIMP – sync phone with Outlook calendar.
  • PureVoice converter for Win32 (convert WAV to QCP audio file)
  • LG1200 USB data cable – compatible w/ VX6000
  • GAGIN – sw for accessing VX6000 via data cable
  • Create .BIT (picture) files
  • Bitpim: an app to view and manipulate data on LG VX440 and VX6000 phones
  • The phone uses r5g6b5 bitmap format.
  • Bitmaps are 120×131, 16 bit color depth.
  • Sound files must be under 30K.
  • Bitmap hint:
    If you have photoshop (or any program that can produce flipped bitmaps with r5g6b5 bitmaps), crop your images to 120×131. Save as bitmap and use advanced settings to select r5g6b5 and flipped row order. Open the resulting file with a hex editor and remove the first 54 bytes, then add 0x78008300 to the beginning of the file. Additionally remove the last 2 bytes which should be 0x0000. Now send this to your phone to replace wallpaper.bit, poweron.bit or poweroff.bit. My wallpaper does not contain any white space except for where it’s supposed to be in the picture.
  • How to turn on “speakerphone” mode
    — Initial Preparation: One-time Setup —
    It requires a little bit of initial setup which can be a little bit of a
    pain. Basically you need to make sure you have a voice ringer on your
    phone. The easiest way to produce one of these is to go into the Voice
    Memo feature, record a quick memo (can be silence if you like), save it,
    then go into Send Pix Message in the Camera mode, enter your cell number
    as the destination, go down to Sound, hit OK, choose Voice Memo, and
    select the memo you just recorded. Send it. When you receive the message,
    select Save Sound from the options menu and enter a name of some sort.

    — Starting Speakerphone Mode —
    Now you’re all set. To initiate Speakerphone mode, you need to press and
    hold the * key twice to throw the phone in Silence All mode. Go into your
    My Media menu (Menu + 7), Music (2), and scroll down to the voice memo you
    saved as a voice ringer. Let the phone sit there for a few seconds, then
    hit End to return to the main screen.

    If you like, you can now hold * a few seconds to exit Silence All mode.

    Place a call. To turn the Speakerphone on, press any key.

    — Drawbacks/Bugs/Needs Further Investigation —
    The press-any-key-to-go-speakerphone functionality seems to remain active,
    surviving power-cycles, until you remove the battery. I haven’t found a
    way to turn off this functionality without killing power to the phone, but
    then again, most of my work tonight has been focused on getting the phone
    INTO speakerphone mode, not out of it.

    Obviously, this is better suited for use as a “toy” feature more than
    something that will appeal to die-hard speakerphone fans, since there’s no
    way to toggle the speakerphone off during a call. You need to pop the
    battery off and reboot. But, again, I’m sure someone else will find a way
    around this and will post it here (e-mailing me a copy of the details
    while they’re at it, of course).

  • How to use VX6000 as modem
    1. Purchase the LG1200 cablecable from futuredial.

    2. Install the Prolific USB driver which is included on the CD. It will install the driver on COM4 by default.

    3. Set the phone to

    Menu/(9)Settings/(6)1xData/(2)Select Port = RS232C(COM Port)
    Menu/(9)Settings/(6)1xData/(3)Port Speed = 115200

    You may need to repeat step 3 as the phone sometimes reverts to USB.

    In the Device manager under ports set the Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM4) speed to 115200 as well.

    Now if you have the Verizon Dialer you can install it and it will add a modem, and 2 dialup connections.

    The modem name is “Verizon Wireless Phone HS (1xRTT)”

    Dialup Connections are
    Express Network (1XRTT)
    Quick 2 Net (14.4kbps)

    Both are configured to use the modem above.

    If you do not have the Verizon Dialer software, you can get to the same point by adding a *generic* 33.6K modem and adding the initialization string: AT$QCMDR=3

    Place this modem on COM4 or whatever port your cable is on.

    Next create a dialup connection using the modem above and use

    Phone Number: #777
    Username: 10digit_phone_number@vzw3g.com
    Password: vzw

    I think to get the 14.4 Quick 2 Net connection use the

    Phone Number: #777
    Username: qnc
    Password: qnc


    Phone Number: your dialup isp #
    Username: your dialup isp id
    Password: your dialup isp pwd

    I think that’s it. Happy surfing…

  • BigFlavor’s Tutorial for LG VX6000

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