13 Zero Tolerance Horror Stories

The Heartland Institute has an interesting article by George Clowes that briefly describes 13 sad tales of educators not using common sense.


Horror Story #7: Drug Sweep. Last spring, a drug search at the Wagner Community School in South Dakota led to students being confined to their classrooms for several hours while a police dog sniffed around classrooms and students, some as young as six years old. According to court papers, the police dog became unleashed in a kindergarten class and chased students, causing some to cry and at least one to wet his pants.

Horror Story #10: Sexual Harassment. When a girl refused Sal Santana II’s request to be his girl-friend, the 12-year-old stuck out his tongue at her. When school district officials learned of the incident, Santana was suspended for sexual harassment.

Horror Story #13: No Splashing. A sixth-grader in Inverness, Florida didn’t stop when his teachers told him not to jump in rain puddles. He did stop when a police officer at the school took him into custody, charged him with a misdemeanor, and held him in a jail cell for more than two hours.

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