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From: Kevin Jarnot (jarnot@canisius.UUCP)
Subject: Re: Hard disks
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Date: 1989-05-08 01:09:36 PST

In article , grinberg@bimacs.BITNET (Dennis Grinberg) writes:
> I have a clone (Taiwanese)_ that a bought a couple of years ago from a store
> that has since seen red. (I told you so…) My hard disk (Microscience
> 100341-001) has recently been giving problems. I can’t even test it with
> Nortons DT because when trying to read one of the clusters (marked as bad)
> it gives a “Disk C: not ready” and quits.
> I’d like to do a low level format (I do not have spinrite), the gc800:0005
> doesn’t do anything and the INT 13 interrupts documented in the _old_
> IBM XT technical reference don’t seem to work for me. My controller
> is an Adaptec, the only other identification on it is the BIOS which says
> 405702-00A 1986 and another chip with 405701-00 1986.
> Anybody have any ideas?

Dennis, I recommend a great program called Disk Manager. It will allow you
to install many different non-compatible drives on a PC/XT/AT. Works very
well, but be fore-warned, it uses device drivers for partitioning, and they
MAY get lossed (therefore, losing your data). Probably won’t happen, though (knock on wood).

> Last question: Can anyone list the different types of AT drives?

By the way, a VERY complete listing of drives comes with Disk Manager (with
many specs on said drives, also).


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