How to configure Windows Installer logging

Just saw this on Lockergnome.

If you want to configure Windows Installer logging:

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Installer. Add a new String value, double-click it, and enter the following Value data: “voicewarmup” (sans quotes). These letters can be entered in any order:

  • v = Verbose output
  • o = Out- of-disk-space messages
  • i = Status messages
  • c = Initial UI parameters
  • e = All error messages
  • w = Non-fatal warnings
  • a = Start up of actions
  • r = Action-specific records
  • m = Out-of- memory or fatal exit information
  • u = User requests
  • p = Terminal properties.

If you add a plus, the existing file will be appended. If you add an exclamation mark, each line is flushed. Now, when something fails, I just have to check in the “Temp” directory and look for my log files. They’ll vary in name, but will always start with “Msi” and end with the .LOG extension. As always, make sure to backup your registry before making any modifications.

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