Bert is Evil!

Now this is funny. Over the past week, pictures of anti-U.S. protesters in Bangladesh have been seen online that feature a poster with a collage of Bin Laden images. If you look carefully, an image of Bert from Sesame Street can be seen to the right of the central Bin Laden image.

Originally many people thought the pictures (from Reuters) were doctored, but it turns out that the posters really do have Bert’s image.

Why is he there?!?

Well, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the classic Bert is Evil page (archived as a PDF here), which features the sordid life of the cranky Muppet. One of the site’s mirrors features a doctored picture of Bin Laden with Bert.

A print shop in Bangladesh needed pictures of Bin Laden for a poster they were creating for a protest, and simply grabbed various photos from the Internet. Since they had no idea of who the weird looking yellow puppet was, they used the doctored photo and Bert remained in the image.

Little did the protesters know how stupid they looked… 🙂

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