The Infinite Jukebox

A brilliant music hack using the equally brilliant Echo Nest API:

What is this?
For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough. This web app lets you upload a favorite MP3 and will then generate a never-ending and ever changing version of the song. It does what Infinite Gangnam Style did but for any song.

It never stops?
That’s right. It will play forever.

How does it work?
We use the Echo Nest analyzer to break the song into beats. We play the song beat by beat, but at every beat there’s a chance that we will jump to a different part of song that happens to sound very similar to the current beat. For beat similarity we look at pitch, timbre, loudness, duration and the position of the beat within a bar. There’s a nifty visualization that shows all the possible transitions that can occur at any beat.

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Tales from the Far Side (1994)

Just found this on the Internet Archive:

Finally, I’m able to share this gem with everyone! :) This was the first time anyone had seen The Far Side other than in book form and it aired on CBS on October 31, 1994. This is the first, and possibly only?, airing.

When I heard that it was available on VHS though the BBC, I was so excited! I bought it and mailed it to a friend who had it converted from PAL to NTSC for me. I was over the moon about the included Part II (which never aired in North America and I didn’t know existed)…but disappointed in Part I. Gary Larson tinkered with it for the video release (just like he tinkered with many old comics in The Complete Far Side…*sigh*) and I strongly disagreed with just about every change. To me, it totally ruined the mood! He even watered down the ending! (the ‘dead ranch’ sequence with added narration bugs me most, though) The later DVD version is, unsurprisingly, the same as the VHS. (reminds me of Star Wars OT vs. SE)

Needless to say, I’m SO glad my tape survived all these years! Quality is decent considering it’s sourced from an 18-year-old tape that my mother bought. Haha. I’m so glad I taped it in SP mode.

More info on the specials, including the changes made, here:

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Threes JS

The addicting smartphone game Threes, but in your browser.

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Never forget!

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Wolfram Language – one of the coolest demos I’ve ever seen

I’ve been a big fan of WolframAlpha for several years now.  The sheer amount of data in the system, as well as the functions that can be applied to the data, is staggering. Well, Stephen Wolfram and his team have outdone themselves with Wolfram Language. This is real next level, game changing tech.

I can’t wait to try this!


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ClarusX is a system utility that allows you to change the Mac OS X Mavericks page setup and print dialog icons (aka “boring guy”) to various dogcattle.


Long live Clarus.  Moof!



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How Steve Jobs Almost Put A Little Man In Every Mac

This would have been awesome.

“Mr. Macintosh is a mysterious little man who lives inside each Macintosh computer,” Jobs reportedly said. “He pops up every once and a while, when you least expect it, and then winks at you and disappears again. It will be so quick that you won’t be sure if you saw him or not. We’ll plant references in the manuals to the legend of Mr. Macintosh, and no one will know if he’s real or not.”

Practically trembling with excitement, Steve Jobs continued to imagine all the weird, funny ways in which users would interact with Mr. Macintosh.

“One out of every thousand or two times that you pull down a menu, instead of the normal commands, you’ll get Mr. Macintosh, leaning against the wall of the menu,” Steve exclaimed. “He’ll wave at you, then quickly disappear. You’ll try to get him to come back, but you won’t be able to!”

What Jobs imagined was the digital equivalent of the Lilliputian orchestras that live inside the stereo which imaginative parents tell their children make every radio work. But instead of just joking about it, Jobs actually wanted to make it happen. Inspired by the revolutionary graphic user interface created by Xerox PARC, Apple had spent the last three years building a computer that would change the world, and here Jobs was, talking about programming an 8-bit version of the Teeny Little Super Guy right into the core of the operating system.

Hertzfeld thought it was awesome.


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45 States That Allow Underage (under 21) Alcohol Consumption

Go figure – it’s legal for minors to drink with parental consent in Massachusetts.


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Various Wutherings

Lots of different versions of Kate Bush’s classic 1978 song “Wuthering Heights” on YouTube.

Kate’s original version

Kate’s “red dress” version

New vocals c.1986

Ultra Slow Wuthering Heights (36 minutes!)

Amazing – man sings “Wuthering Heights” in original key (that must have hurt)

Noel Fielding does “Wuthering Heights”


Pat Benatar

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

The Puppini Sisters


Laura Bunting on “The Voice Australia”

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My thoughts exactly

Redditor furyasd‘s thoughts after lifting for the first time in a year:


I had similar thoughts last week when I started up again.

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